Aubrey O'Day as an Apathetic Angel at Maxim Halloween Party



First of all, Maxim still exists? Good god, man. I'm shocked. My ex used to read Maxim and I currently have a shitload of back issues that he left here when we got divorced. I don't even know what to do with them. I want to recycle them, but that involves actually lifting stacks and stacks of magazines. Too much work! 

Anyways, Aubrey O'Day made an appearance at the Maxim Halloween Party and judging by her expression, she's dressed as the world's most apathetic angel. Judging by the pictures, she was probably the most famous person there...which isn't saying a whole lot.

Phoebe Price Continues Her Embarrassing Parade of Halloween Outfits

Even though this is an annual tradition, I still cringe every year when it happens. Phoebe Price continues to pose for embarrassing Halloween pictures and I facepalm so hard my fave hurts. This most recent set is probably the funniest because she's posing in front of Catch Restaurant, which has been a bit of a Hollywood hotspot lately, with celebs spotted entering and exiting, but Phoebe is like standing in front of it. She's not even in the restaurant! There's no one even there. I swear I can see someone inside saying, "Dear god, no! Get the hose! She's going to ruin all this good publicity we've been building up."

Zayn Malik Looking Distressed at LAX



Zayn Malik looked a bit distressed and out of it on his arrival to LAX. The now solo singer has had some interesting times lately with cancelled performances due to anxiety and his girlfriend confusing his ethnicity. Gigi Hadid, whose father is Palestinian, recently said in an interview with Gulf News:

“My boyfriend is also half-Middle Eastern. It’s just a connection that you make that’s really cool. ‘It’s hard to explain, but you feel like you’re amongst [your] people.” 

Except Zayn is Pakistani, which is South Asian, not Middle Eastern. Oops. You'd think his girlfriend would know this, but I digress. Zayn also stirred the pot by saying in his new book:

'I was also able to sing about a subject that I hadn't really been able to go near while I was in One Direction: sex.'

I guess Zayn missed all the sex-related lyrics. Sure, they weren't using the F word or getting all descriptive, but there's plenty of sex-related One Direction lyrics. There's even articles about their lyrics being sexual! 

Kiss You: If you don’t wanna take this slow / If you just wanna take me home / Let me say yeah a yeah a yeah yeah a yeah / And let me kiss you

Rock Me: I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me yeah / I want you to hit the pedal heavy metal show me you care

Last First Kiss: Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this

Up All Night: I wanna stay up all night / And do it all with you

Up All Night: People going all the wayYeahall the way

Midnight Memories: I know nothing's making sense/For tonight let's just pretend/ I don't wanna stop/ so give me more, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Better Than Words: Best I ever had. Hips don’t lie. You make me wanna…one more night

Something Great: You say we’re better off together in our bed

Little White Lies:  I know what you want/And I’ve been waiting so long.

Live While We're Young: I know we've only met but let's pretend it's love./ And never, never, never stop for anyone... Tonight let's get some/ ...And if we get together, yeah get together./ Don't let the pictures leave your phone.



Pamela Anderson Brings Julian Assange a Vegan Lunch & a Vivienne Westwood Book. Whaaat?

It sounds like the start of a bad joke. Former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson brought Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame a vegan lunch from Pret-a-Manger and a Vivienne Westwood book to the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. She first met him in August 2014 when she asked him for advice on setting up her animal rights charity. Vivienne Westwood introduced the two, which probably explains the book she was carrying. Still...what an odd group! In summary:

  • Pamela Anderson visiting Julian Assange
  • A vegan lunch
  • A Vivienne Westwood book
  • Pamela's nips stealing the spotlight

Kristen Stewart's Makeup at NY Film Festival: Pretty in Pink or Too Much of a Good Thing?

Kristen Stewart wore lots of pink makeup to the New York Film Festival's 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk' and I'm undecided on whether it looks pretty in an avant garde way or just too much of a good thing. From the front (top pic), it's not bad, but that side view is giving me 80s flashbacks. 

Celebrity OOTD: Chrissy Teigen, Bethenny Frankel, Helena Bonham Carter, Dakota Johnson, Sebastian Stan

First up is Chrissy Teigen and damn girl. She had a baby this year and looks amazing. I know she's a model and looking good is her job, but wow. Seriously jealous. It takes me longer to recover from a plate of nachos than it's taken Chrissy to get her pre-preg body back! 

Bethenny Frankel always has this harried look about her. I mean, she's had all that ex husband drama and is a mom and has all these businesses but looking at her pics is exhausting. I just want to tell her to take a nap. She seems like a "doer", which isn't necessarily a good thing. Treat yo self, Bethenny.

Helena Bonham Carter sightings are rare and this may be why - she looks like a disgruntled cat lady or maybe Grumpy Cat itself. Her fashion sense is best described as "disheveled".

Dakota Johnson looks very normal. So normal that you could pass her on the street and probably not even realize she's famous. It's just sort of bland, which is maybe the point. I was more interesting in the sign next to her advertising Tacos. 

Sebastian Stan and Margarita Levieva were spotted jogging and hey, kudos to couples who exercise together. I can't imagine getting me or my girlfriend to jog around together. That is an activity neither of us would enjoy - sweating, hard work? No thank you. Perhaps this is just one of the many reasons why I am not dating Sebastian Stan. 

Cue the Second Hand Embarrassment: Phoebe Price's Halloween Photoshoots

I still have no idea what Phoebe Price does, other than set up fake paparazzi photo shoots so people think she's a celebrity. I'm writing about her though so maybe she's onto something! Halloween is prime Phoebe season because she can get dressed up in risque costumes and pose her little heart out. You'd think she'd come up with something better or more creative. These costumes are pretty much your standard fare. Ah, well. At least she found a pumpkin patch to pose in front of. The skeleton costume looks like it was taken in front of her house, like she's a little kid getting ready for the school Halloween parade. Yikes. We've still got two weeks to Halloween so I'm sure we'll have plenty more opportunities to face palm.

Recap: Finding Prince Charming - What About Robert? Let the Yikes Begin

Everyone has got the sads because Robby is gone, but they agree to try to keep things fun in honor of him. Gay guys work out so much more than lesbians lol. Or maybe just this lesbian. Robert shows up looking all studious. They play a game called "What About Robert" - this is so awkward if you consider that these guys probably didn't know about his escort past as they were playing this game. But the show keeps it easy. Justin correctly guesses that Robert's childhood crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas. The rest is a bunch of generic stuff. These guys don't know shit about Robert. Justin wins! Justin is going on an Art Walk with Robert and gets to pick who goes on a martial arts date and dancing date. Chad laments that he missed so many answers that he feels he should have known. Again, I feel nothing but awkward because of the invisible elephant in the room. So yikes to watch in retrospect, especially because they kept it so PG. 

Justin knows he needs to up his game but he knows nothing about art. He's going to fake it until he makes it he says. They then have to draw each other. Justin doesn't know how to draw. Robert draws this totally abstract crazy thing that looks like a dude with wild hair and hands and hearts, but it's actually really meaningful about Justin being like the sun and caring about everyone in the house. Justin's drawing was very literal and it actually wasn't bad. Robert seemed happy that Justin made the best of it. I stare longingly at their champagne and chocolate strawberries because I'm so hungry I want to gnaw my arm off. All the guys laugh at his picture but he explains the meaning of it.

Chad is worried about going on a date with 2 other people. He's worried that Dillon is super competitive and that one person is going to be left out all the time. I drool over the sangria on the table. Dillon has been a dancer for 20 years and has done every type of dancing so he's not worried at all. Chad and Robert aren't doing so well with the dancing thing. Dillon is super relaxed and Robert thinks he's sexy and feels his confidence. Dillon actually takes control of the dance. Chad sits there looking all put out as Dillon pulls Robert away. Chad proceeds to throw an internal tantrum as it goes on and on. Chad interrupts them and says he's going to go. Doh! 

Chad just storms out. Robert goes to retrieve him. OMG, Chad is crying. Does Robert say Fwustrating? He convinces Chad to come back in. Dillon says he's not here to make friends. Drama! 

Then Chad and Dillon get into an argument about leaving the bedroom. Dillon tells Chad he's unstable. Brandon is like leave me out of this shit so Dillon leaves before Chad blows a head gasket (which sounds so much gayer than it actually is). Drama averted. More working out. This is exhausting to watch. Eric and Brandon are going on the martial arts date. Robert doesn't feel like he has a strong connection with either of the guys. Eric pulls Robert aside to talk about why he didn't know the Robert questions. He's been emotional. Eric is so earnest. He brought him a tiny unbloomed rose. Where the hell did he hide that thing and how did it not get squished during boxing? 

Almost as cute as this moment

Almost as cute as this moment

Now they practice takedowns. Lots of straddling and manhandling ensue. Eric is having the same problem Chad had...he doesn't like seeing him talking to other people. Dillon and Justin are having fun at home while Chad is sullen and alone. Black tie time! Robert says he wished someone else had gotten the one-on-one because he's had a lot of time with Justin and it would be nice to get to know the other guys. Shut yo mouth! 

Chad says if Robert takes his tie, he will lose trust in the dating process and will need lots of therapy. Oh honey. Dillon makes eyes at Robert and Dillon is confident he's not going home. Brandon is first up and he's safe. Justin is safe, too. Eric is safe as well. Dillon and Chad are shitting their pants. He calls Dillon up and Chad interrupts and goes on a rant about the date and how his ex cheated on him and it triggered his bad reaction. Dillon and Chad are having a bitch fight in front of Robert. Chad takes off his tie and does a tie drop, saying he doesn't do players. Dillon is obviously safe. Chad says Robert has broken his heart, he feels jilted. Dude, you're on a dating show! He rolls out with his suitcase in front of everyone and there are awkwards all around. Eric looks amused. Chad had a moment of clarity after leaving - he thinks he will be grateful for the experience. Alrighty then. 

Recap: American Horror Society: Roanoke - He's Gay, Petra

LOL omg the historian they have at the beginning reminds me of the people I work with. Evan Peters makes his appearance in a powdered wig as Edward Mott who built the original mansion! But shit ain't right. Workers falling and getting injured, "mischief", and strange noises. He has a special tunnel put in to use in case robbers come, he can escape with the art through the tunnels. Oh, hello, Edward is gay!

Edward worries that people are judging him and his lover, Guinness. He likes his art because it doesn't judge them and confesses he loves it more than Guinness. Guinness just wants sexy times. Two days in, all Edward's art gets destroyed. He puts all his workers in a cellar hole saying they'll stay there until one of them confesses. The Butcher stabs Edward and puts him in the bonfire. Doh! (But you know Evan will be back). Guinness escapes but doesn't tell anyone about the servants in the cellar so they all die.

And the TV historian goes on about all the freaky shit that's gone down in the house. The show forwards back to Shelby and Matt being faced with the Butcher's mob. Matt comes up with the bright idea to have Shelby take Flora out the front to the truck while he distracts them. A freaky thing that reminds me of the girl in The Ring snags Flora before they can leave. Outside the mob is torching their cars. Ah, the pig person again! And some victims of the Butcher (who are so afraid of her she uses them to terrorize Shelby and Matt). Edward appears with his escape hatch. They realize he's dead. He just wants them to get the f out because all he has left is his solitude. They keep doing an awesome special effect where Edward turns into a skeleton in the flickering flame in case you forget he dead. Edward leaves them in the woods and they see light up ahead. Suddenly, they get hoods put over their heads and I almost crap myself! 

Eek, now they're in the house where they saw the kids suckling the pig. It's the hillbillies. Elias is there and is missing a leg and warns them to get out before "she" comes. He begs for Matt to kill him. The mom comes with jerky from the smokehouse and Elias warns him not to eat it. It was Elias' leg the mom was eating! They kill Elias because his "meat" was rancid. The hillbillies help the Butcher find "new blood" each year to consecrate the land. The hillbillies are still pissed the kids got taken away. Shelby thinks the only place worse than the hillbillies house is their own house. 

Lee is being interrogated. She gets released and sees a bunch of texts from Matt and one that says Flora is safe. Meanwhile, the hillbillies are taking Matt and Shelby and Flora somewhere. They escape after killing 1 of the hillbillies and flee in the woods, which seems like a bad idea with angry hillbillies and the Butcher lurking. And of course the one hillbilly finds them. Lee suspects something is wrong because Matt isn't answering her phone call. The hillbilly mom is angry with them for killing the hillbilly son. She hobbles Shelby with a mallet a la Misery (which starred Kathy Bates who plays the Butcher...interesting). Matt and Shelby have pretty much given up. They're back at the house and the mob is still there. The Butcher expresses sympathy for the loss of the hillybilly mom's son. Flora is first. Lee pulls up with the cops but the cop leaves her there. The Butcher's son refuses to kill Flora and pushes his mother into the fire and Edward saves Shelby and Matt. The pig guy is about to kill Flora but Lee hits him with the car. Shelby, Matt, Lee, and Flora find a cheap hotel to stay in. They've lost all their money in the house but they're just happy to be alive. Shelby is going to take a bath and sees smoke under the door and opens it, but wakes up from a dream in the motel. TV Shelby says she has nightmares still. 

So this will be interesting to see where they go after this. They've sort of "ended" Shelby and Matt's story. Interesting to note Edward Mott appears to be related to Dandy Mott from AHS: Freak Show. The preview seems to show more "reality" tv - I'm digging it! 

Elle Fanning - What are You Doing? Spotted Barefoot at LAX



Why would anyone walk around LA barefoot (Louis Tomlinson, I'm looking at you, too!)? I'm so grossed out. I hate feet and LA is not a clean city. Why would you subject your tootsies to that filth? Elle Fanning was spotted walking around LAX barefoot. I know the TSA makes you take off your shoes, but dayum, this is too far!

Looks like Billy Bush is Going to be Out of a Job

Billy Bush was suspended from NBC after the tape of him having a "lewd" conversation with Donald Trump came out. Now it looks like Billy is going to be departing from NBC within the next few days according to CNN. A surprise party to welcome him to NBC has been cancelled, his name has been removed from the credits of the Today show, and he and his assistant haven't been at work. Yikes. He was a relative newbie to the Today show so NBC may be trying to cut their losses instead of keeping someone who hasn't been fully "integrated" into their show around.

There's also questions of why Billy didn't let NBC know about the tapes since there's talk that he was "bragging" about the existence of them during the Olympics. Common thinking seems to be that he also know his behavior in the tapes wouldn't go over well with the Today show's female audience.

Billy has always rubbed me the wrong way. I found him annoying when he was on Access Hollywood so I won't miss him on the Today show if they can him.

Kim Kardashian Sues Gossip Site That Claims She Lied about Robbery

Kim Kardashian ain't messing around! She has sued for publishing 3 articles about the robbery, including one that alleged there was evidence Kim "staged" the robbery.

There was another post saying "French authorities" suspected Kim had "let the robbers in" the apartment. The last post was about the insurance claims related to the robbery, where the site said, "If she faked the robbery ... she just committed a FEDERAL CRIME."

Kim got her lawyers involved and demanded the site retract the articles, but they didn't respond so they're now court-bound.

A robbery-related Kim Kardashian costume appears to have been pulled after outrage from people who found it offensive. The link to the costume no longer works and it doesn't show up when you search for it. The same company has made Cecil the Lion and Ebola costumes.